April 1, 2018, 2:28 p.m.

Engineering vs medical

This is a situation which most of the students face when 10th board exams are over. Some are hell bent on engineering field while rest for medical. A student needs to introspect and need to analyze career options and life after choosing a particular field.  

 Once board exam results are out students are at a crossroad where they have to analyze pros and cons associated with different streams. For toppers, it is not a tough task as they are aware of their strengths and capabilities.  

 Engineering and medical have been the top priority for students because of multiple opportunities in both fields. Usually, students consult their parents and sometimes relatives while deciding which stream to choose. For those who wish to be a doctor need to appear for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) and those who want to be an engineer have to appear for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), both exams are conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. 

 Why to choose engineering? 

  • Career options: Engineering graduates get opportunities to work in different sectors such as information technology, management, finance, etc.  
  • Skill set: Engineering curriculum gives exposure to different subjects and skill sets. As an engineer, you will develop skills which are relevant to different business processes such as decision making, team working, and project management. 
  • Problem solver: Engineers are often known for solving impactful problems in the world like detecting cancer and creating clean energy. Engineers continuously come up with solutions that affect our everyday life. 

 Why to choose medical? 

  • Career driven by service- Medicine is a career which starts with putting others first. Medicine as a career allows you to be a lifelong learner and domain of expertise continually expands. 
  • Ability to help people directly- The joy you get after treating a sick patient is incomparable to any other profession. 
  • The world needs more doctors- There is a greater need for doctors than engineers as far as job opportunities are concerned. In most cases, doctors easily get a job when they graduate. Many countries forbid foreign national from taking up job in their country but do not put any such restriction on doctors.