Carbon and its Compounds

Class 10 NCERT Science


1   What would be the electron dot structure of carbon dioxide which has the formula $CO_2$ ?

Solution :

Electron dot structure of $CO_2$ is

2   What would be the electron dot structure of a molecule of sulphur which is made up of eight atoms of sulphur? (Hint - the eight atoms of sulphur are joined together in the form of a ring.)

Solution :

Electron dot structure of a sulphur molecule

3   How many structural isomers can you draw for pentane?

Solution :

Three structural isomers are possible for pentane.$\\$ (i)$CH_3-CH_2-CH_2-CH_2-CH_3\\ \ \ \ CH_3-CH_2-CH-CH_3$$\\$ (ii) $CH_3$$\\$ (ii)

4   What are the two properties of carbon which lead to the huge number of carbon compounds we see around us?

Solution :

The two features of carbon that give rise to a large number of compounds are as follows:$\\$ (i) Catenation - It is the ability to form bonds with other atoms of carbon.$\\$ (ii) Tetravalency - With the valency of four, carbon is capable of bonding with four other atoms.

5   What will be the formula and electron dot structure of cyclopentane?

Solution :

The formula for cyclopentane is $C_5 H_{10}$ . Its electron dot structure is given below.