Chemistry Class 11


1   How do you account for the formation of ethane during chlorination of methane?

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2   Write $IUPAC$ names of the following compounds:$\\$ a. $CH_ 3 CH = C (CH _3 )_ 2$$\\$ b.$ CH_ 2 = CH - C \equiv C - CH_ 3$$\\$ c.$\\$ d.$\\$ e.$\\$ f.$\\$ g.

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3   For the following compounds, write structural formulas and $IUPAC$ names for all possible isomers having the number of double or triple bond as indicated:$\\$ (a) $C_ 4 H_ 8 $(one double bond)$\\$ (b) $C_ 5 H_ 8$ (one triple bond)$\\$

Solution :

(a) The following structural isomers are possible for $C_ 4 H_ 8$ with one double bond:$\\$ $H_2 \overset{1}C=\overset{2}CH-\overset{3}H_2-\overset{4}CH_3\\ (I)\\ \overset{1}CH_3-\overset{2}CH=\overset{3}CH-\overset{4}CH_3\\ (II)\\ \overset{1}CH_2={\overset{2}{\underset{\underset{CH_3}{|}}{C}}}-\overset{3}CH_3\\ (III)$$\\$

The $IUPAC$ name of$\\$ Compound (I) is But-1-ene,$\\$ Compound (II) is But-2-ene, and$\\$ Compound (III) is 2-Methylprop-1-ene.$\\$ (b) The following structural isomers are possible for$ C_ 5 C_ 8$ with one triple bond:$\\$ $H_2 \overset{1}C=\overset{2}C-\overset{3}CH_2-\overset{4}CH_2-\overset{5}CH_3\\ (I)\\ H_3\overset{1}C-\overset{2}C\equiv \overset{3}C-\overset{4}CH_2-\overset{5}CH_3\\ (II)\\ H_3\overset{4}C-{\overset{3}{\underset{\underset{CH_3}{|}}{C}}}H-\overset{2}\equiv \overset{1}CH\\ (III)$$\\$The $IUPAC$ name of$\\$ Compound (I) is Pent-1-yne,$\\$ Compound (II) is Pent-2-yne, and$\\$ Compound (III) is 3-Methylbut-1-yne$\\$

4   Write $IUPAC$ names of the products obtained by the ozonolysis of the followingcompounds:$\\$ (i) Pent-2-ene$\\$ (ii) 3,4-Dimethyl-hept-3-ene$\\$ (iii) 2-Ethylbut-1-ene$\\$ (iv) 1-Phenylbut-1-ene$\\$

Solution :

(i) Pent-2-ene undergoes ozonolysis as:$\\$