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Here you can download the latest version of solutions for all questions from NCERT or CBSE textbook as per CBSE marking scheme pattern. 24Tutors is one stop solution. NCERT Solutions for class 10, 11 & 12 can be accessed through the links below.

How to use these sets of NCERT Solutions

Before we go to how you can utilize free resources in your studies first let's see why it is important to solve the NCERT books :

Even before we go further let's look an interesting fact. The chapters you will be learning in class 9 is actually a small replica of chapters in class 11 and similarly, class 10 chapters are a replica of class 12 chapters. If you agree to this unnoticed concept do consider sharing this page on facebook to let your friends know this cool fact.

Okay, enough of these discussion lets jump to the main content, First lets start for class 10

For class 10

Overall the class 10 is to teach future engineers and doctors things like

Other than getting marks this is the right time to actually think in terms of your career, like which profession you want to have by choosing either Science / Commerce / Arts stream. So explore your interest and make a good decision, not because of just peer/parental pressure but what you actually want. For Example, if you want to work in NASA or ISRO you will need to take Aerospace Engineering in college and for that be sure to choose Science class in your class 11 and class 12.

On the other hand in Science, the curriculum is divided into 5 sections

Now let's look at class 11 curriculum

Hopefully, if you have selected science stream by this time and you may be learning about many engineering exams like IIT JEE Mains and Advance or in case you have taken Biology instead of mathematics you will be learning about AIIMS and other medical college admission process. So let's see how your 11th class is actually designed:

I will start with Physics (truly speaking, the easiest subject to score) where you will be extending the knowledge you gained in class 9 with these chapters:

Now let's see what's in there in Maths for us. As I told you already that class 11 is kind of replica of class 9 concepts, here is the broad topic you will learn

If you are thinking how important is this class 11 curriculum and how much weightage it has in future exams like engineering exams etc then I must tell you that please do not ignore or skip the important topic this year , in fact as per the stats there is a consistent weightage of 45% for the chapter in class 11 in IIT JEE Mains and Advance. Below is a graph of the distribution of the marks across the topics for IIT JEE examination and most of the questions especially in Chemistry comes straight from NCERT book and these NCERT solutions will help you get them right.

comparision of number of questions in IIT JEE

For class 12

Let's look at the glorified version of class 10 syllabus. In class 12 Maths you will learn the following subjects:

If you have noticed class 12 maths can not be mastered without the help of class 11 syllabus to I recommend you to keep the notes of class 11 handy all the time

Now let's see the syllabus for class 12 Physics

If you are wondering why we don't have some insight on chemistry then I must tell you that we have not created the content for chemistry and we are working on it. But one thing I can say is for chemistry you should and must kind of memorize all of the points from NCERT book. No need to follow any other book. Yes, we do need some extra book like Arihant's Organic Chemistry but only for practice.

How to use NCERT Solutions

Many students have asked, "how to use NCERT Solutions for best results ?". To answer this let's assume that you are also preparing for JEE Mains and Advance and you might have joined a coaching institute as well then at what stage you would use NCERT ? at the beginning or at the end ?.

Let's take each option one by one. First, if you solve all the questions in NCERT first then I must tell you that your boards percentage are secured and you also have developed the following skills

Now, what if you decide to go through NCERT book at the end of the year ?. You see the way the CBSE or any other boards exams are designed is to test the in-depth knowledge of a student. The questions are not hard but test multiple concepts in the same question like knowledge of trigonometry in case of integrations and on the other hand, the competitive exams try to understand if the student is fast enough to apply the same concept in a totally different scenario which requires even in depth knowledge of the subject matter. The questions will be short and most of the time students try to do some tricks like the elimination method etc.

We did a survey of 357 students from IIT Bombay and 307 students in IIT Kanpur asking their approach during the exams and the below graph can pretty much explain itself.

ncert solutions survey amongst the IIT students

As we can see that 74.70 % IITians says that they solved the NCERT first.

Okay now as per our study here is the key learnings you get when you attempt NCERT book at the end of the year:

How our NCERT solutions are designed to help you

After working for almost a year I am happy to announce that the solutions are ready now. This section is divided into 4 groups for class 9 to class 12. From the above list you can click the book you want to check. The following view will be shown:

24tutors book view sample

Here you can either download the entire book solutions in PDF format or select one of the chapter to read the solutions online. If you click on one the chapter you will be presented the following view:

24tutors chapter navigator
24tutors chapter view

In the images above, on left you can see the navigator with shortcut buttons to any question and also links to other chapters and on the right you can see one the chapter opened with PDF download option on the top.


Most of the time students don't realize that its a relative comparison during the exams for example, if there is a question out of NCERT curriculum in IIT JEE then probably no student will be able to do it anyway so the best bet for everyone is to be at par with the official syllabus. Yes, within these books there are chapters which may not hold much importance but this is it, I mean you master NCERT then I am giving you guarantee that you will be listed in toppers list.